Miscellaneous Photographs

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Aerial photographs

False Creek 1973

August 3rd, 1973 — Aerial photographs of False Creek taken from the Goodyear Blimp showing the tip of Granville Island on the bottom left, the CPR roundhouse middle left, and the old Cambie Street Bridge at the top. Below is the entrance to False Creek showing the Burrard Street Bridge, the long gone railway bridge, and the Granville Street Bridge.

Greenest City Action Plan?

Marine Way Development 2014 Circa 2014 & 2016 — Vancouver boasts of wanting to be the greenest city in Canada and their public relations campaign does a good job convincing people that it’s happening. Google earth, however, shows that trees aren’t an important part of being green with these before and after pictures of the River District development underway on Marine Way just west of Boundary Road. Marine Way Development 2016


Southlands in Vancouver 1973
August 3rd, 1973 — There is not much interesting in this photograph of Southlands at the foot of Blenheim Street by the Fraser River except that what you see, the fish boats, the shipyards, the cannery, and net lofts, is all gone and replaced by dozens of million dollar waterfront homes. It would be nice to say that land prices pushed these industries out but it was really the lack of fish in the Fraser River caused by pollution and over fishing that did it. This picture was taken from the Goodyear blimp.

Seaplane base

Jericho Beach seaplane base 1973
August 3rd, 1973 — There is news today that the WW2 seaplane wharf at Jericho Beach will be demolished later this year. The three buildings shown on the wharf in this circa 1970 photograph are long gone as are the others on the seaplane base except the building top centre which is now the Jericho Sailing Club. Reasons for demolishing the wharf are not really known except that it is in disrepair. This picture was taken from the Goodyear blimp.

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