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Animals and pets

Dog poop

Dog poop September 16th, 2015 — This empty lot on Larch Street at 36th Avenue in Vancouver is littered with hundreds of aqua and black coloured dog poop bags. They’re kind of hard to see but if you click on the picture a larger image will appear and allow closer inspection. I’m not sure why dog owners feel they have a right to take their dogs for a walk so they can poop on property other than their own but maybe I’ve got it all wrong. Maybe it’s just the neighbourhood showing their displeasure towards a speculator who demolished a perfectly good house and then left the lot empty for years waiting for land prices to skyrocket before flipping it on to someone new.

Swarm of bees

Swam of bees
April 29th, 2015 — Bees were found swarming around a tree on the sidewalk of 4th Avenue near Maple Street and someone had the good sense to phone a local beekeeper who came out and provided a box for them to set up a hive. The sign on the box says, “These honey bees will be moved later today once they are all inside”.

What I’m going to say now is totally off topic but if you are in a family that likes to play charades there is actually a song called “Mary had a swarm of bees” which goes to the tune of “Mary had a little lamb”. You can google for the lyrics. It was used at one of our family gatherings over 50 years ago and provided us years of hilarity, in jokes, and on the part of the poor soul who had to act out the title, my aunt, chagrin.

Injured Cormorant

Cormorant saved from traffic 1 August 5th, 2014 — This injured cormorant was saved from being run over on the Burrard Street Bridge by a pedestrian, Jean, who ran out into traffic, picked it up, and carried it to the sidewalk. There was much discussion of what to do with the bird amongst passers by. Phone calls were made to the SPCA and Wildlife Rescue but being late in the day everything was closed. Jean decided to carry the bird, which really seemed to be just stunned, probably from flying into a pillar, to the south end of the bridge where it could be set free in a safe place far from the road and maybe recover. Jean found a spot for the bird on the grass of a small park next to the bridge. Once released it immediately flew over to Burrard Street and landed in the middle of traffic. Cars stopped as it hopped to the median. We did our best. What ever will be will be.

Suspicious looking cat

Cat and dog shootout

April 1977 — It was a police stakeout somewhere on the west side of Vancouver. Guns were drawn and the police dog was ready to run in and take down the suspect. Except he wasn’t. He’s more interested in that cat crossing the street unseen behind the police cars. The dog knows the cat did something; probably just killed a bird and that’s a crime. It would be an easy collar except the dog already has a collar, around his neck, and his handler isn’t letting go of it. It was one of those weird moments that sometimes happen during a very serious situation in real life.

Max Wyman

Max Wyman of the Vancouver Sun
August 21st, 1985 — Max Wyman at one time was a dance and arts critic at the Vancouver Province. He also did the odd feature story, one of which for some reason was about horse back riding. To illustrate this story the idea was to get a shot of Max in a beautiful setting, mountains, lake, while riding a beautiful horse. After much riding around Buntzen Lake north of Port Moody we found the perfect spot and then the horse did what a horse sometimes has to do and the photographer did what photographers sometimes have to do. Max eventually went on to better things, lecturing, writing books and receiving the Order of Canada. He often mentions working for the Vancouver Sun in his bio’s but never working for The Province. I often wonder why.

Elephant walk

Barnum and Bailey elephant walk
September 18th, 1973 — At one time the circus coming to town was a big deal and on this particular occassion local media people were invited to ride the elephants from where they came off the Barnum and Bailey train on Commissioner Street up to the Pacific Coliseum on Renfrew. The rider at front is Ken Spotswood, photo editor of The Province newspaper.

Who took my dog?

Stolen dog Vancouver November 7th, 1973 — The language in this picture caused a stir when it was published in The Province newspaper in 1973. There was some debate by editors if it should run at all because it wasn’t a real news story, just a found situation as I was driving along West Broadway in Vancouver. Years later when the tabloid Province began running four or five lost dog stories a week this would have been a big story, followed for days on end, until the culprit or dog was found.

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