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Marysville street race

June 26th, 1977 — A camera man from a Seattle TV station rides a kart to get B roll footage with a Arriflex 16s before the start of a kart race through the streets of Marysville, Washington. Note, he is not the mayor but the mayor did drive the kart in a celebrity race earlier in the day. More pictures from the race can be found HERE or by clicking on the above picture.

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David Hobbs

July 25th, 1970 — David Hobbs in the pits during practice for the Klondike 200 Can-Am sports car race at Edmonton International Speedway.

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Chuck Parsons

July 27th, 1969 — Chuck Parsons watches mechanics working on his Lola T163 in the garage area behind the pits during practice for the Klondike 200 Can-Am car race at Edmonton International Speedway. Parsons didn’t start racing until he was 30 and was another of those drivers who had well prepared cars for the Can-Am series but limited success although usually finishing in the points. As an endurance driver he won the Daytona 24 hours co-driving with Mark Donohue in a Penske Racing Lola T70 coupe.

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Lothar Motschenbacher

August 1st, 1971 — Lothar Motschenbacher with his mechanic checking over his Formula 5000 Mclaren at Edmonton International Speedway during practice. Motschenbacher raced Can-Am sports cars and open wheels, always had a quick car, but I don’t think he ever won a race.

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Turn two crash

August 1st, 1971 — A first lap crash exiting turn two during a Formula B car race at Edmonton International Speedway. Six cars out of the race almost before it started. In the last two pictures the horseback riders were from the farm next to the track.

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“Big Daddy” Don Garlits

Don Garlits Circa 1969 — The biggest name and easily the greatest drag racer of all time, Don Garlits also known as “Big Daddy”, stands next to his his AA fuel dragster “Swamp Rat” while examining the starting area of Edmonton Speedway before taking a practice run. He was touring Canada and the northern US with Jerry Ruth who he raced in a series of match races at any track that would pay them to show up. It was a way to make some extra money in between the big national races in the states. It’s not a great picture except for the details such as the beater pickup that was his push/tow truck and the fact he’s alone. I don’t remember him even having a mechanic with him at the track which would have been useful as, if I again remember correctly, Garlits blew up in the first race and had to rebuild the engine himself which he barely managed in time for the second round, which he lost.

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Greg Moore

August 31st 1997 — Greg Moore with his father before the start of the Molson Indy Vancouver car race around False Creek; twenty years ago today.

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Indy-car Race Vancouver

Indy car race Vancouver August 31st 1997 — Twenty years ago the Indy-Car race around False Creek attracted over a hundred thousand spectators. Noise eventually killed it. There’s a new series just started, however, called Formula E. The “E” stands for electric and the race cars with battery powered electric motors make about as much noise as a sewing machine. Just the sort of event to enhance the green image our elected city officials want for Vancouver.

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Eppie Wietzes

Eppie Wietzes June 14th, 1970 — Eppie Wietzes (94) driving a McLaren M10B on his way to winning the Canadian Road Race Championship event at Edmonton International Speedway. Second in Bill Brack (85) in a Lotus 70. The dust is from cement thrown onto the track to pick up oil spilled on an earlier lap.

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Pit stop

June 20th, 1971 — These pictures of a George Follmer pit stop which I recently discovered in my files shows why it was so much fun in the old days to photograph motor racing. There I was taking pictures from the middle of pit lane during a Trans Am car race at Edmonton International Speedway and considering there was a fire in the pits on the previous lap — you can see the mess being cleaned up in the background of of the picture below — it was probably the most dangerous place on the track but the pictures were worth it. Up close with a wide angle lens not a telephoto; unobtainable today. That’s car owner Bud Moore sticking his head inside Follmer’s car.

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