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Can-Am anniversary

Race car in the pits The 50th anniversary of the legendary Can-Am sports car racing series is happening in 2016. Pictures in my archives taken between 1968-1971 at the Klondike 200 race held at Edmonton International Speedway were to be uploaded a few pictures at a time over the next week or so but an executive decision has been made and the pictures were uploaded together into a gallery HERE in the projects section of this blog. Note, there are over 180 pictures in the gallery so it might take a while to load. There were two galleries uploaded early this month of Canadian drivers and Team McLaren. They have been removed and the pictures included in the projects gallery. The car above is a McLaren possibly driven by John Cordts in 1969.

Checkered Flag

Denny Hulme 1969 CanAm

July 27th, 1969 — The worst fear of a sports photographer is to have the greatest picture in the world happen right in front of him only to look at the just developed film fresh from the fix and find a referee’s backside blocking his view just as he pushed the shutter. It’s kind of what happened to me as Denny Hulme crossed the finish line to win the Klondike 200 Can-Am car race at Edmonton International Speedway. This time it was the starter and it wasn’t the greatest shot in the world and actually it was planned because I knew the habits of this particular starter. “Sure John, you planned it, really you did, …”

All Tired Out

CanAm car race 1969
July 27th, 1969 — A member of the Goodyear Racing Division turns a racing slick into a hammock to catch a nap during practice for the Klondike 200 CanAm sports car race in Edmonton while the rest of the crew in the background play cards. I doubt this scene would ever happen in the hyper competitive and expensive racing we have today. Note that the “slicks” of this earlier era actually had tread. Also of note is that there are two big car races this weekend, the Indy 500 and the Formula 1 race in Monaco.

Formula Atlantic 1982

Formula Atlantic Westwood Racing Circuit 1

Aug 22nd 1982 — In the picture above #14 Josele Garza in a Ralt RT4/82 leads #22 Riley Hopkins, #13 Whitney Ganz, #23 Danny Sullivan, and #33 Mark Akerstream through the hairpin at Westwood Racing Circuit in Coquitlam during a Formula Atlantic Race. Below, the eventual winner of the race #5 Tommy Phillips, leads through the esses on the first lap.

Formula Atlantic Westwood Racing Circuit 2

Gilles Villeneuve


May 30th, 1976 — Gilles Villeneuve in a March 76B leads Tom Klausler in a Lola T460 to the first corner of a rainy Players Formula Atlantic Series Race at Westwood Race Track in Coquitlam. Villeneuve dropped out of the race on the 24th lap with an oil leak.

1968 Players Pacific

June 23rd, 1968 — John Cordts and his crew push their car (57) to the starting grid of the 1968 Players Pacific race at Westwood Racing Circuit. Cordts set fastest lap but crashed while contesting the lead with Stan Burnett (64). In the second picture Cordts talks to car owner David Billes at the esses next to their damaged McLaren while Don Jenson (0) in his Burnett Special drives by. Monte Shelton, final picture, driving a Porsche Carrera 6 won the race.

June 23rd, 1968 --  Players Pacific sports car race at Westwood Racing Circuit

John Cordts with David Billes

June 23rd, 1968 --  Players Pacific sports car race at Westwood Racing Circuit

June 23rd, 1968 --  Players Pacific sports car race at Westwood Racing Circuit

George Eaton

George Eaton McLaren m12
July 27, 1969 — George Eaton crosses the finish line on three wheels to place third in the 1969 Edmonton CanAm race. Eaton blew the right rear tire on his McLaren M12 just before the last corner and spun out a few meters after receiving the checkered flag.


Carl Hass Eric Broadley Teddy Meyer 1993
August 27th, 1993 — If you’re not a motor racing fan this picture won’t mean much but these three men were the titans of American open wheel racing for a while. Carl Haas, Eric Broadley and Teddy Mayer in conversation during practice for the 1993 Indy car race in Vancouver.

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