Miscellaneous Photographs

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Chuck Parsons

July 27th, 1969 — Chuck Parsons watches mechanics working on his Lola T163 in the garage area behind the pits during practice for the Klondike 200 Can-Am car race at Edmonton International Speedway. Parsons didn’t start racing until he was 30 and was another of those drivers who had well prepared cars for the Can-Am series but limited success although usually finishing in the points. As an endurance driver he won the Daytona 24 hours co-driving with Mark Donohue in a Penske Racing Lola T70 coupe.

Lothar Motschenbacher

August 1st, 1971 — Lothar Motschenbacher with his mechanic checking over his Formula 5000 Mclaren at Edmonton International Speedway during practice. Motschenbacher raced Can-Am sports cars and open wheels, always had a quick car, but I don’t think he ever won a race.

Chris Amon

Chris Amon Ferrari Canam 1969
July 26th, 1969 — Chris Amon about to get into his Ferrari 612P during practice for the 1969 Edmonton CanAm race. Later in the day while trying for a close up picture of Amon sitting in the car I didn’t realize I was blocking his exit from the pits. Him running me over wouldn’t have killed me but the look he gave me just before I jumped out of harms way almost did.

David Hobbs

David Hobbs f5000 winner Edmonton
August 1st, 1971 — Edmonton Speedway — David Hobbs after winning the Lucerne 100 F5000 race in Edmonton, one of the victories that gave him the overall championship in 1971. The trophy to the disappointment Hobbs was filled with milk not Champaign.

Mike Eyerly

Mike Eyerly race car driver
May 23rd, 1970 — Edmonton International Speedway — There were people who said that in the late 60’s Mike Eyerly was the fastest American driver on four wheels but some bad car choices and couple of accidents ended his career after winning the SCCA Continental Formula B championships in 1969 and 1970.

Dave Morris

Dave Morris race car driver
July 25th, 1970 — Dave Morris, driving in a support race to the 1970 CanAm in Edmonton, zooms through the pits on a scooter. His passenger, Brynell Gunderson, is not impressed. Dave is a member of the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame and aside from being the 1973 Canadian Formula Ford champion he owned the team that Gilles Villeneuve drove for in Formula Atlantic the year before he signed with Ferrari in Formula 1.

Peter Gethin

Peter Gethin race car driver
July 25th, 1970 — A pensive Peter Gethin in the pits during practice for the 1970 CanAm race in Edmonton. Gethin replaced Bruce McLaren in the Mclaren CanAm team when McLaren was killed the previous month during practice in England.

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