Miscellaneous Photographs

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John Cordts

John Cordts in MclarenM8C

John Cordts race car driver
September 25th, 1971 — Above, John Cordts sits in his McLaren M8C during practice for the 1971 Edmonton CanAm race. Cordts finished 6th. After the race I met him in the pits just after he got out the car and congratulated him on a good race. He didn’t take it as a complement and said something dismissive. I looked at his mechanic and shrugged my shoulders in an expression of “what’s that all about?”. The mechanic laughed and said Cordts had expected to win which was amusing because he was driving a four year old car and qualified 9 seconds slower than the eventual winner Denny Hulme.

Jim Hall

Jim Hall Chaparral 2H race car
July 26th, 1969 — Jim Hall next to the innovative Chaparral 2H race car during practice for the 1969 Edmonton CanAm race. Hall was the first person to put a wing on a race car and his designs revolutionized motor racing even though the cars were only moderately successful over an entire season because of reliability problems. The 2H was driven by John Surtees (in car) and finished 4th in this race, its highest finish ever. Surtees hated the car.

Bruce and the photographer

Bruce McLaren with Arthur Rickerby
September 1969 — Team McLaren rented the Edmonton race track the week before the Edmonton CanAm race to do some testing. Arthur Rickerby was there from Life magazine to take pictures for a feature on driver and team owner Bruce McLaren. Rickerby wanted pictures from inside the car while Bruce was driving. Being from Life he got them, although his girth made it a tight fit. Rickerby took about a thousand pictures that day. None of them appeared with the story. An interesting aside is that Rickerby arrived in Edmonton without a wide angle lens and had to borrow one from Edmonton Journal photographer, Mike Vann.

Mark Donahue

Mark Donahue race car driver
June 20th, 1971 — Mark Donahue climbs through the window of his Javelin after winning the first and last TransAm race at Edmonton. Only three factory team cars from the series showed up for the race which was a major embarrassment for the people promoting the event.

Denny Hulme

Denny Hulme race car driver a
August 26th, 1970 — Denny Hulme uses his teeth to pull on inner fireproof gloves during practice for the 1970 Edmonton CanAm race. Hulme burned his hands in a methanol fire earlier in the year during practice for the Indianapolis 500 . The burns made it painful for him to grip objects with his fingers. How he managed to drive the car much less win the race amazed everyone.

George Eaton

George Eaton race car driver
August 26th, 1970 — George Eaton takes a takes a nap in the BRM P154 during practice for the 1970 Edmonton CanAm Race while a mechanic makes adjustments to something at the front of the car. George was an Eaton of Eaton’s department store and had a promising racing career until he started driving the CanAm BRM which was a diabolical and unreliable car to drive.

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