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Jim Breukelman

March 19th, 2019 — Jim Breukelman talking about his pictures at the opening of his show “Altered States” at the West Vancouver Art Museum. The show is part of the Capture Photography Festival and attracted a large first night crowd including Christos Dikeakos and Henri Robideau, below.

Rock and roll show

December 14th, 2018 — Opening for Art Perry’s and Bev Davies’ rock and roll legends photography show at the Red Gate Arts Society on Main Street.

Curator of the show, Lauren Ray, having her picture taken next to the photograph of her in the exhibition taken by Art Perry.
12 Midnite (Shon Franks) being photographed by Art Perry with Art’s photograph of him behind on the wall.

Darkroom legacy

April 18th, 2018 — My darkroom is long gone. Everything of value was donated to the Emily Carr photography program. However, the walls of the darkroom, which is now my computer room, still have remnants of when it was an active darkroom where I regularly souped film and made prints. Mostly it’s notes about development and fixing times, exposures and paper grades for contact sheets, and guides to sheet film notch codes, but there is still a timer and safelight. Some day it will have to go, but not yet.

City on Edge opening

September 27th, 2017 — Vancouver Province and Sun editor-in-chief Harold Munro; photographers, Jason Payne, Gerry Kharmann, Arlen Redekop, Ward Perrin, at the opening of “City on Edge” at the Museum of Vancouver which features protest pictures from the Province and Sun newspaper archives taken from the 1900’s to the present day. The exhibition is in conjunction with Kate Bird’s book of the same name.

Phase drift media

Phasedriftmedia May 27th, 2015 — These two are setting up small video cameras to create a 360 degree virtual movie of Granville Street at Robson. They told me it would be online at their website www.phasedrift.io soon but it’s yet to show up. However, there is a video of Brockton Point which is kind of neat to look at.

Chinese New Year parade

Photographers at Chinese New Years parade 5 February 22nd, 2015 — Vancouver’s Chinese New Year parade is usually a great event to photograph but this year there were so many people with cameras along the route my commitment to add another gigabite of images to the world’s collection of dragon pictures faded. So I photographed the photographers. Above they’re checking and comparing shots while waiting for the parade to restart. Below it’s the usual Hail Mary’s with iPhones, or watching the parade on an iPod which is, of course, so much better than the real thing; all combined with the usual climbing of poles or standing on posts. Photographers at Chinese New Years parade 6 Photographers at Chinese New Years parade 7 Photographers at Chinese New Years parade 9 Photographers at Chinese New Years parade 8

Tuxedos on the Beach

Mens choir on Jericho Beach September 10th, 2014 — The Vancouver male choir, Chor Leoni, dressed in tuxedos being photographed on Jericho Beach at sunset by photographer David Blue. It was a pretty good shot but if the photographer’s assistant had lost his grip on the ladder which was slowly leaning to the left as the waves softened the sand beneath it, it would have been a great shot. For me.

Ross Kenward

Ross Kenward photographer
Circa 1976 — Left, smoking a cigarette, filling in as head photographer, is ex Vancouver Province photographer Ross Kenward who died yesterday in New Zealand. Ross left the newspaper during the long strike of 1978 to shoot film for CBC and eventually ended up back in his native New Zealand to work for TVNZ where he won a number of awards. I first met him at the dress rehearsal for a play while shooting freelance for the Vancouver Sun. It was a easy assignment for me but not for Ross as his Province supplied cameras fell apart before our eyes including the barrel of one lens completely unscrewing itself, almost falling on the floor as he focused. Ross was constantly late for work and the two way radio message from his car, “I’m on the bridge”, which we would hear about 15 minutes after his scheduled start, became a running joke as for a long time the boss, Don Mcleod, assumed this meant the Granville Bridge about two minutes from the office but we, the photogs, knew it could have been any bridge, say the Second Narrows, the Lions Gate, or even the Pattullo Bridge, all of them a half hour to an hour away depending on traffic. I missed him when he left to shoot film. The Province newspaper missed him.

The photographer in the background is Dave Patterson. The picture was taken in the Province photo department office at 2250 Granville.

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