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Politicians at the parade

February 18th, 2018 — Not sure if these two pictures are significant or not but at this year’s Chinese New Year parade out going Mayor of Vancouver Gregor Robertson seemed to attract far more people for selfies than did current BC premier John Horgan. It’s possible to read more into the pictures than is actually there but …

Dave Barrett

Circa 1974 — A few pictures from my archives of Dave Barrett, the first NDP premier of BC, who died Friday at age 87. The first are from an old boy’s rugby game at Brockton Oval. The others are from the inaugural run of the Royal Hudson steam locomotive from North Vancouver to Squamish.

Strippers and the mayor

Dec 20th, 1974 — On the left is the mayor of Port Coquitlam, Jack Campbell, possibly with some aldermen who are all watching strippers at the Wild Duck Inn. This was a “photo op” organized by the mayor’s office as they were supposedly on official city business to see if having live entertainment, a stripper, violated their business licence to operate a pub. The photographer in the background of the picture below is Ian Lindsay of the Vancouver Sun.

Maureen McTeer

Maureen McTeer June 16th, 1976 — So just what was going here in this picture? Maureen McTeer was campaigning with her husband Joe Clark then leader of the Conservative Party of Canada at a Tory gathering in the VanDusen Gardens and this man seems to be almost assaulting her. It’s a disturbing picture in so many ways. It never ran in the paper — I don’t even think it was printed until yesterday when I noticed it while going through my archives — possibly it was just one of those pictures that was interesting but not true to the story, or maybe it was something simple like the man refusing to give his name. McTeer, however, wasn’t liked by Tories because she not only kept her name but also her career and maybe that’s what he was telling her.

Grip and Grin

May 10th, 1979 — It’s just another grip and grin picture except for who the people are and where they are which is the Social Credit celebration at the Bayshore Inn after the Socreds won the 1979 provincial election. On the left we have Federal Liberal and always a Liberal Ron Basford shaking hands with one time Liberal Pat McGeer who had just been elected as a Social Credit MLA. In the middle is Paul Hellyer a one time Federal Liberal cabinet minister but at the time of this picture a Tory although he did return briefly to the Liberals before forming and becoming leader of the Canadian Action Party which at one point at Hellyer’s urging attempted to join the NDP. They’re all getting along and enjoying each others company unlike the politicians of today.

Amazing Grace

May 10th, 1979 — Grace McCarthy walks through crowds of Social Credit supporters in the ballroom of the Bayshore Inn after the party’s 1979 election victory. The long time MLA from Vancouver known as “Amazing Grace” because of her work to resurrect the Socred party after its defeat by the NDP in 1972 died yesterday at age 89.

Pierre Trudeau and Simma Holt

July 9th, 1977 — Prime minister Pierre Trudeau with MP Simma Holt eating pizza at a picnic at Trout Lake. Note how close the public and more importantly, the protesters, are to Trudeau and how no one really cares. Those were different days. It’s also interesting how different Trudeau is among people compared to Joe Clark in the picture I posted a few days ago.

Joe Clark 1981

Circa 1981 — Leader of the official opposition and the federal conservative party, Joe Clark, walks with his daughter Catherine around the Robson Street courthouse plaza not unnoticed by people but certainly left alone except by the me, the photographer. The pictures never ran in the paper so I sent prints to him in Ottawa along with a note apologizing for intruding and then not getting the pictures published. I ended the note saying, “Should have thrown you a football”.

Bill Bennett and Ginger Rogers

Bill Bennett and Ginger Rogers 2 Circa June 1978 — I’ve always liked these pictures of Bill Bennett playing a celebrity tennis match with Ginger Rogers and Vancouver mayor Jack Volrich despite them never running in the paper. They showed a side of him that didn’t come out on television. Last week when he died I went onto the Province’s website to see if they used them with the obit but they didn’t; just a couple of boring mugshots. If Bill hadn’t made it over the net in his game winning celebration it would have been picture of the year for sure but alas he did and the picture wasn’t. It’s interesting to note how different politicians of that era behaved around the press even those as media unfriendly as Bennett. It was easy to get close, all wide angles, and no cordon of burly men in dark suits with earbuds blocking the best shots. For the younger viewers of this blog I should say that Bill Bennett was once the premier of BC and Ginger Rogers was a movie star.

Bill Bennett and Ginger Rogers 1

Bill Bennett and Ginger Rogers 3

Bill Bennett and Ginger Rogers 4

Bill Bennett and Ginger Rogers 5

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