Miscellaneous Photographs

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Art Phillips and Jack Volrich


November 17th, 1976 — We had a provincial election today and what a surprise. This picture of Art Phillips and Jack Volrich taken the night Volrich was elected mayor of Vancouver for the first time after Phillips decided not to run for a second term has nothing to do with today’s election except for the look on their faces, SURPRISE!

May Brown

May Brown almost mayor of Vancouver
1978 — There has never been a woman mayor of Vancouver. May Brown may have been the first to try but she encountered severe verbal abuse from the right wing side of the media and lost to Jack Volrich. The people laughing in the background are May Brown’s campaign team including third from the left, Art Cowie.

Alexei Kosygin

Alexei Kosygin wearing indian head dress
October, 1971 — While Alexei Kosygin was premier of the USSR he made a visit to Edmonton where he was made an honourary Cree Chief. Kosygin was impressed by the ceremony and especially the head dress which he assumed was his to keep. It wasn’t and relations between the Soviets and the Cree Nation were strained for a few moments because of this. This picture appeared in Life magazine.

Pierre Trudeau

Pierre Trudeau campaigning Vancouver 1979
1979 — Pierre Trudeau campaigning on the waterfront in New Westminster during the 1979 federal election which saw the liberals defeated by the torys of Joe Clark. Trudeau was a joy to watch in situations like this as he dismembered the arguments of hecklers. It was one of the last campaigns where hecklers weren’t hauled away by the police as soon as they were identified.

Joe Who

Joe Clark with his daughter in Vancouver
There’s not much to this picture; just a man with his daughter in a stroller waiting to cross an intersection in Vancouver. The man, however, is Joe Clark, leader of her majesty’s loyal opposition and soon after this picture was taken he became Prime Minister of Canada. The picture was taken just before the 1979 election as I was walking back to my car from an unrelated assignment. I thought it might make a nice father’s day picture for The Province but it wasn’t published. This was the time before politicians had to have security guards, when people were polite enough to leave famous people alone as they walked down the street.

Bill Bennett plays tennis

BC Premier Bill Bennett playing tennis June 1978 — BC Premier Bill Bennett (left) was playing in a charity tennis match with Vancouver’s mayor Jack Volrich (right). Bennett and Volrich won the match and the premier did the traditional jumping over the net. If he’d missed and collapsed into a heap I’d have the picture of the year; a classic right up there with Bob Stanfield dropping the football, but the premier cleared the net with a foot to spare and the picture didn’t make the newspaper.

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