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From my archives

Beachcombing in English Bay

This picture was posted as a single a number of years ago and is re-posted today so it will link to the rest of the pictures I shot that day which are HERE. April 2nd, 1975 — A group of beachcombers remove a log from English Bay Beach. The log, one of hundreds, separated from a boom during a storm the previous night. What’s interesting about this picture is that the beachcombers, normally an independent and cut throat lot, are co-operating with each other. Possibly it was the number of logs that came ashore that morning and they felt there was plenty to share. The boat Gale Winds was and is still owned by Bob Lamont. He can be seen on the deck of the boat with his wife Ruth.

Sugar shortage

January 2nd, 1975 — Sign at Cal Van Auto Parts which says “2 pounds of sugar with every box of Valvoline oil”. There was a worldwide sugar shortage at the time caused by some antiquated trade rules and crop failures.

Grip and Grin

May 10th, 1979 — It’s just another grip and grin picture except for who the people are and where they are which is the Social Credit celebration at the Bayshore Inn after the Socreds won the 1979 provincial election. On the left we have Federal Liberal and always a Liberal Ron Basford shaking hands with one time Liberal Pat McGeer who had just been elected as a Social Credit MLA. In the middle is Paul Hellyer a one time Federal Liberal cabinet minister but at the time of this picture a Tory although he did return briefly to the Liberals before forming and becoming leader of the Canadian Action Party which at one point at Hellyer’s urging attempted to join the NDP. They’re all getting along and enjoying each others company unlike the politicians of today.

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