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Seattle Breakers 1980

January 11th, 1980 — The assignment was to get bench shots of Seattle Breakers players during their game against the New Westminster Bruins in Queens Park Arena but for some reason the picture that ran in the paper is the one above showing #17 John Neeld being congratulated by Tim Hunter after scoring the winning goal in overtime. Neeld never made it to the NHL but Hunter did playing over 800 games in a 16 year career. The bench shots are below with only one, the first, identifiable as possibly John Neeld.

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River rafting

Circa 1986 — River rafting on the Thompson river downstream of Ashcroft.

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Bruce Haeberle

March 6th, 1976 — Bruce Haeberle, driving Mighty T, heads to the winner circle after winning a harness race at Cloverdale Raceway. The man with Haeberle on the sulky is probably the owner of the horse. Below Haeberle leads Paddy McGinty into the first turn.

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Stunt man

June 22nd, 1973 — A stunt man chased by a dummy crashes through a door on the 5th story of the old Eatons building on Hastings Street and finds there is nothing beneath his feet but air. He hangs on to the door handle while the dummy falls to the ground. From the movie Catherina.

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Kevin Shaler

Mar 12, 1986 — One of my better pictures from the BC high school basketball tournament at the PNE Agrodome. Kevin Shaler with the ball helping the Kitsilano Blue Demons beat the Hillside Highwayman 86-69.

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Who took my dog part two

November 7th, 1973 — This “Who took my dog” picture taken in 1973 on West Broadway is one three pictures by me in The Polygon Gallery’s “Dog Days” exhibition that opened today and runs until September.

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