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From my archives

Homeless, It’s an long story

July 24th, 1974 — At the end of the 1974 spring term the above photograph of UBC students camping on Wreck Beach for lack of housing on campus ran in the Vancouver Province newspaper. UBC promised they would do something but when I went back in September I found John Villeneuvei (bottom picture) living in a tent on Wreck Beach with his wife and dog and it was for the same reason, no affordable housing for students on campus or in the city. In the early 70’s basement suites in west side houses were illegal and cheap Kitsilano apartments were being turned into condos. Kind of like today except for the basement suites which is why the federal government has just announced a program to subsidize low income renters. We’ll see what happens.

September 12th, 1974 — UBC student John Villeneuvei

Viking ship under construction

December 9th, 2000 — A forty foot half size replica of the Viking ship Gokstad being built as part of the millennium celebrations by a group of volunteers from the Scandinavian Community Centre in Burnaby. Holding an oar made for the boat is Ciaran Adams. The completed boat can be seen next to Vancouver’s maritime museum ferry dock.
Banging in nails and riveting above are Lars Eriksson, Chris Jorgensen, Glen Johnson.

Above is head shipright Chris Frostad.

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