Miscellaneous Photographs

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From my archives

Jeffe Jollife

Jeffe Jollife June 7th, 1973 — Jeffe Jollife from Queensbury Elementary School in North Vancouver plays a game of snakes and ladders with George Cooke, a patient at Lonsdale Private Hospital, during a visit to the hospital by school students.

Indy-car Race Vancouver

Indy car race Vancouver August 31st 1997 — Twenty years ago the Indy-Car race around False Creek attracted over a hundred thousand spectators. Noise eventually killed it. There’s a new series just started, however, called Formula E. The “E” stands for electric and the race cars with battery powered electric motors make about as much noise as a sewing machine. Just the sort of event to enhance the green image our elected city officials want for Vancouver.


Steeplechase June 5th, 1976 — A Nikon F with motordrive and a long extension cord allowed me to get this water jump picture during the men’s steeplechase at the high school track and field provincial championships at Swangard Stadium. It’s a shot I wouldn’t think of doing today with a digital camera; they don’t like wet. The mechanical Nikon F, however, was almost indestructible and never had to be babied.


Pacific National Exhibition August 1974 — One of the best things about the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver which starts in a few days is the rides. This particular ride is called “Dad” and it seems from the expression on the girl’s face it isn’t as great as some of the others she’s tried.

Burrards vs Salmonbellies

Box Lacrosse August 16th, 1975 — At one time, in the 1940’s, the biggest rivalry in town was box lacrosse between the New Westminster Salmonbellies and the Vancouver Burrards. It was standing room only with sell out crowds when the teams played at Queens park Arena in New Westminster or in the Vancouver Forum. By the time I took this picture in Queens Park Arena boxla as it was known locally had faded to a fringe sport and the back of the sports pages if it was mentioned at all but at one time it was the biggest pro sport in town and bought houses for two of my uncles who played for the Burrards.

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