Miscellaneous Photographs

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From my archives

Pierre Trudeau and Simma Holt

July 9th, 1977 -- Prime minister Pierre Trudeau with MP Simma Holt eating pizza at a picnic at Trout Lake. Note how close the public and more importantly, the protesters, are to Trudeau and how no one really cares. Those were different days. It's also interesting how different Trudeau is among people compared to Joe Clark in the picture I posted a few days ago.

Joe Clark 1981

Circa 1981 -- Leader of the official opposition and the federal conservative party, Joe Clark, walks with his daughter Catherine around the Robson Street courthouse plaza not unnoticed by people but certainly left alone except by the me, the photographer. The pictures never ran in the paper so I sent prints to him in Ottawa along with a note apologizing for intruding and then not getting the pictures published. I ended the note saying, "Should have thrown you a football".

Leonard Peltier

December 18th, 1976 -- Forty years ago today Leonard Peltier was led from his cell in Oakalla Prison in handcuffs and leg shackles to a helicopter in the prison yards and from there flown to the United States to be tried for the murder of two FBI agents. He was convicted on what is thought by many to be flimsy evidence. He is still in prison although there have been rumors Obama would pardon him before leaving office. So far that hasn't happened.
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