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Yellow flag

Canadian Championships
June 15, 2003 — The yellow flag can mean many things but in a pro race seldom does it warn of a rider pointing the wrong way in the whoops calmly trying to start his bike. Of course this is the 250cc class and the CMRC national at Mission. #055

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Tear off

2005 motocross at mission
April 17th, 2005 — Some riders pull a tear off with the bike’s suspension fully extended over a long jump. Others, like this rider at Mission Raceway, like to do it with the suspension fully compressed just as the bike lands. #114

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Nathan Horton

October 18th, 2009 — Photographers have a saying, “if the pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough”. There weren’t a lot of riders racing the day I took this picture and the slippery conditions didn’t make for great pictures so I put on a wide angle lense and moved in, maybe too close as Nathan Horton from 100 Mile House almost gave me a haircut on this particular pass. #017

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