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Rossi Cameron

Rossi Cameron of the Edmonton Journal

Circa 1970 — Edmonton Journal reporter Rossi Cameron working late into the night clipping her editor’s stories from the newspaper and putting them into a file. The editor was retiring the next day and wanted it done before she left. There were months of papers to go through and Rossi who was at the time probably junior in the department got the job. It was an era when many reporters started at 8am and worked until the editor said you could go home. There was no overtime pay. Complain and you were fired. Just talking about a union at the Journal was dangerous to your career.

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Read the sign

Kids About 1968 — This is a nice picture of a young girl sitting on her back steps with her cat until you read the sign posted over the door behind her. It reads “Unfit for occupation”. The picture was published with a story by the Edmonton Jounrnal about sub-standard housing in Edmonton.

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