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Alf Benoit

June 13th, 1992 -- BC Oldtimers International motocross race at Mission, BC. July 1992 — Alf Benoit lifts his bike from a rut during the 1992 BC oldtimer international motocross race, one of the worst mud races of all time. You might think a delay like this would mean Alf was done for the day but he actually finished third out of four riders in this moto. #398

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Fred Sessions

Fred Sessions motocross 2009
August 15th, 2009 — Who says old guys don’t jump part two. Washington oldtimer Fred Sessions in the plus 80 (that’s right, plus 80) class jumping the 70 foot long tabletop at the BC Oldtimer International motocross race in Agassiz. #072

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Ian Hamilton motocross 2009
August 15th, 2009 — However severe the crash that caused Ian Hamilton’s handlebar to adopt such a stange shape at the BC Oldtimer International last weekend didn’t keep him from finishing the moto or seem to slow him down that much. #019

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