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Push bike

October 21st, 2007 — Another motocross in the mud picture from Mission. It’s a long push back to the pits when the bike quits during a mud race because nobody, I mean nobody, will help. #724

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Anything for a fender

Circa 1986 — Another gem found while going through my archives looking for pictures to make up a book about motocross racing in the mud. Again the picture is at Mission but this time from 1986 and an illustration why motocross bikes really need front fenders. #048

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Lee Coutts

May 7th, 2017 — Lee Coutts today about kilometer 10 running up Camosun Street during the Vancouver Marathon. Lee finished in a respectable 03:42, 85th of 397 in the 35-39 year old class. Below is Lee in 2009 at Mission Raceway during a provincial championship motocross race which I’m pretty sure he won.

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Agassiz on a muddy day

Motocross in the mud Agassiz May 2nd, 2010 — While looking though my thousands of motocross pictures for a possible book project I came across this gem of a young rider at Agassiz who has had enough mud, rain, crashes, and stalled bikes and is waiting patiently at the side of the track for it all to end. It’s one of those pictures that might not make a lot of sense unless you were at the track that day but it was one of those days. More pictures like this will be posted over the next few weeks as they are discovered.

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If it works do it.

Motocross bike on car Circa 1990 — One of the things I liked about motocross riders is that they do what they have to do to race. No pickup truck or trailer to carry the bike to the track then strap it to the top of dad’s old station wagon. So what if the roof gets dented it’s just a car, an appliance for getting somewhere. An unknown rider at Duncan motocross track.
Motocross bike on car

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Need a little help here

Trials motorcycle demonstration Circa 1986 — The trials bike riders were putting on a demonstration of their riding skills at a motocross race, showing how they could conquer the most difficult obstacles without even putting their feet down, except it went all wrong. This rider got stuck, real stuck, and had to have help getting down.

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Mission Motocross track closed

Mission motocross track 1983 December 15th, 2014 — It was announced today that the Motocross Track at Mission Raceway would be closed so the B.C. Custom Car Association, who own the property, can expand the road course for sports cars and the pits used for drag racing. The motocross track first opened in 1973 and ran continuously every year since. In its early days it was memorable mainly for it’s mud which was slippery but always rideable, it’s sand whoops which often weren’t, and the man made hill above which was quite something in 1983 when the picture was taken. Many riders, myself included, had their first race at Mission.

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Karl Dresen

November 4th, 2000 -- Arenacross at Abbotsford Agriplex Arena

November 4th, 2000 — Karl Dresen (57) takes his line in the 250 intermediate race at an Abbotsford Agriplex arenacross. #057, #471

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Steve Friesen

Steve Friesen

August 26th, 1990 — Steve Friesen at the final round of the 125/250 CMA motocross championship series at Little Rock Raceway in Aldergrove. #717, #008

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