Miscellaneous Photographs

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Spring Series snow flurries

March 4th, 2018 — The second race of the Escape Velocity spring series took place today at Sumas Prairie during frequent snow flurries. They said it would be cancelled if it snowed but it didn’t snow all the time so they didn’t. There was a significant statistic that came out of this race: 66 of the men dropped out of the race, 0% of the women. A few more pictures can be found HERE or by clicking the picture above.

Lief Rodgers

January 21st, 2018 — Lief Rodgers at the B-Team Superprestige cyclocross race at Aldor Acres. It was the last race of the season and not many riders took part but a few more pictures can be found HERE or by clicking on the above picture. There are 200 pictures total from 2017 so it might take a while to load.

Lothar Motschenbacher

August 1st, 1971 — Lothar Motschenbacher with his mechanic checking over his Formula 5000 Mclaren at Edmonton International Speedway during practice. Motschenbacher raced Can-Am sports cars and open wheels, always had a quick car, but I don’t think he ever won a race.

Turn two crash

August 1st, 1971 — A first lap crash exiting turn two during a Formula B car race at Edmonton International Speedway. Six cars out of the race almost before it started. In the last two pictures the horseback riders were from the farm next to the track.

Old boys soccer

October 15th, 2017 — Every once in a while I go out to a park and kick the soccer ball around. It’s good exercise and it’s fun. The downside is that after doing this a couple of times I start thinking about playing the game again, maybe in a plus 60 league. It’s a downside because I forget how serious even 60 year olds take the game such as this defender for the Salt Spring Island Old Boys who first stepped on the foot of an opposing player for the Juan de Fuca 48’s and then kneed his other leg to knock him over and leave him lying on the field. Didn’t even get a yellow card. Juan de Fuca did have their revenge, however, winning by at least eight goals.

Finish line crash

May 1978 — It came to me when I posted the picture of Quinn Anderson crashing on the barriers last weekend that I have a lot of pictures like that in my archives. Here’s a series from the men’s 400 meter sprint at the North Shore high school track and field championships showing Pieter VandenBos from Windsor High School stumbling after a dive for the tape which earned him second place.

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