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Vancouver Blazers

April 6th, 1975 — The World Hockey Association Vancouver Blazers didn’t last very long, just two seasons, but there were lots of stories to tell during their short stay. The best one being that owner Jimmy Pattison realized that owning a hockey team wasn’t really a business in any strict definition of the word and that he would never, ever, think about owning a sports team again. Blazer rookie defenceman and first round draft pick Pat Price (3) shown above with Mike Rogers of the Edmonton Oilers often played in front of a more than half empty stadium, below.

Colin Campbell, above went on to become an executive with the NHL.
Don Mcleod, above.

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He scores, he fights

January 24th, 1976 — Tiger Williams, #2 above, of the Toronto Maple Leafs celebrates scoring a goal which was not his usual contribution to a game against the Vancouver Canucks. Some time later, however, Williams throws off his gloves and reverts to what his fans expect; getting into a fight; this time with Don Lever. Not sure who the Canuck goalie is but it could be Bruce Bullock.

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Seattle Breakers 1980

January 11th, 1980 — The assignment was to get bench shots of Seattle Breakers players during their game against the New Westminster Bruins in Queens Park Arena but for some reason the picture that ran in the paper is the one above showing #17 John Neeld being congratulated by Tim Hunter after scoring the winning goal in overtime. Neeld never made it to the NHL but Hunter did playing over 800 games in a 16 year career. The bench shots are below with only one, the first, identifiable as possibly John Neeld.

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Queens cross

November 2nd, 2019 — Seventy year old Ian Parker on his way to a 9th place finish in the Men’s Master B class at this year’s Queens Cyclocross race at Queens Park in New Westmnster. More pictures from the race can be found HERE or by clicking on the above picture. It’s OK to share or download pictures from the cyclocross galleries.

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The yellow tape obstacle

October 20th, 2019 — It took Dan Driediger (563) 30 minutes to get past Lucas Gallagher at this year’s Junkyard CX race at South Surrey Athletic Park only to get hung up a minute later for what seemed ages on the course tape at the top of a tricky hill. Gallagher got by but not for long as later in the lap Driediger re-passed and opened up a thirty second lead to finish 6th in the intermediate men’s class. More yellow tape problems below and all the pictures from the race HERE.

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Junkyard cyclocross

October 20th, 2019 — It was wet, cold, and slippery at the Junkyard Cyclocross race held at South Surrey Athletic Park today. More pictures from the race can be found HERE or by clicking on the above picture. It’s OK to share or download pictures from the cyclocross galleries. There are no pictures from the last races of the day as the cold and wet sent me home early.

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Bruce Haeberle

March 6th, 1976 — Bruce Haeberle, driving Mighty T, heads to the winner circle after winning a harness race at Cloverdale Raceway. The man with Haeberle on the sulky is probably the owner of the horse. Below Haeberle leads Paddy McGinty into the first turn.

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Kevin Shaler

Mar 12, 1986 — One of my better pictures from the BC high school basketball tournament at the PNE Agrodome. Kevin Shaler with the ball helping the Kitsilano Blue Demons beat the Hillside Highwayman 86-69.

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Historic car racing

August 10th, 2019 — One thing for sure you will see at any historic car racing event such as this one yesterday at Mission Raceway is cars almost completely disassembled while the owner tries to find out why it won’t run. This 1978 Johnston JM2c sports car owned and driven by Ian Thomas in the white T shirt has lost it’s oil pressure and the crew is trying to find it, which they did. The other certainty is that any event that tries to capture the spirit of the the old Westwood Racing Circuit will get rained on. This event was honouring the 60th anniversary of Westwood’s opening. They didn’t call it Wetwood for nothing. Gary Kwong, below, under an umbrella in his 1996 Protofrom P2 before the start of his race.

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Gastown Grand Prix

July 10th, 2019 — Mitchell Ketler demonstrates wet cobblestone technique to fellow Devinci team member Thierry Marcassa during the warm up to the 2019 Gastown Grand Prix bicycle race won by Regan Gough.
Winner of the women’s race, Kendall Ryan, above and below in the yellow helmet, at the hairpin towards the end of the race.

Third place finisher Maggie Coles-Lyster above.
Marcal Franz leads winner of the 2019 Gastown Grand Prix Regan Gough out of Gassy Jack corner on the last lap for the sprint up Water Street to the finish. Castillo Soto, third in the picture, finished fourth.

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