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Vanishing Vancouver

Land Assembly

November 20th, 2018 — Along King Edward Blvd from Cambie Street to Knight there are houses for sale designated as land assemblies that will turn the properties into multi story condominiums. Some of the houses look almost new. A few blocks away towards Granville Street a new mansion is being built. Because of the zoning on King Edward within a decade it too will be part of a land assembly and demolished to make way for a condominium development

Lot for sale

August 31st, 2018 — The normal sequence of events on the west side of Vancouver was for houses to be sold, then demolished, new houses built which were then sold but things have changed since the NDP government introduced its speculation tax on second homes. There are now a great number of empty lots for sale such as this one at Angus Drive and 35th Avenue as developers bail out on quickly lowering prices.

Dark and probably empty

December 5th, 2017 — A few days ago in the Vancouver Sun, Gil Kelly, Vancouver’s general manager of planning, was quoted as saying the following; “In fact, we’ve actually been creating a large supply of housing … it’s just that supply has been targeted at the high-end and for investors, and leaving out many of the folks that live here in Vancouver and want to work and raise families”. Possibly that’s why so many of the apartments in these condominiums in the area of Richards Street and Beach Crescent have no lights on and seem to be empty at half past eight on a Tuesday night.

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