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Saltspring Island

Fulford Inn demolished

Demolition of the Fulford Inn on Salt Spring Island. June 24th, 2015 — The Fulford Inn on Salt Spring Island was a legend and now it’s gone, demolished, and taken to a land fill. It’s the second pub to close for good on Saltspring — the Vesuvius Bay Pub closed four or five years ago — for no known reason except possibly the new severe drunk driving laws combined with the demise of the local resource industry forcing it’s notoriously thirsty workers to move from the island.

Kathy Robertson

Kathy Robertson artist on Salt Spring Island Kathy Robertson was an artist who earned her living as a weaver selling her scarfs in galleries on Salt Spring Island and Vancouver. In her heart, however, she was a painter and that’s what she did most after moving to Vesuvius Beach from West Vancouver almost 20 years ago. Kathy painted with oils en plein air and she was very good. More importantly she was our Salt Spring neighbour and friend. Kathy died a month ago aged 80 from cancer and last weekend there was a celebration of her life in her house on Salt Spring Island.
Kathy Robertson painting on Salt Spring Island
Kathy Robertson painting in the front yard of her house

Homeless on Saltspring Island

Homeless on Saltspring Island

August 17th, 2005 — As the multi-million dollar housing project on Channel Ridge was being started (see previous post) there was another development happening at the south end of Salt Spring Island in Fulford Harbour. It was the so called “Freedom Camp” of tents and old boats created on the beach of Drummond Park by young people attracted to the island only to find there were no affordable places to rent. The picture above is from a spot somewhat south of the actual camp, accessible only by water at high tide, and remained in use long after officials removed the original camp on the beach.

Channel Ridge

May 29th, 2014 — This is the stuff that dreams are made of. The pile of wood and styrofoam dumped by the side of a dirt road is an architect’s scale model showing what a proposed development of 309 homes and condominiums with 75,000 square feet of commercial space in a self contained village would look like after it was built on 830 acres of land on Salt Spring Island’s Channel Ridge. I first photographed this development when the clear cutting began almost ten years ago. The plans were ambitious but the locals who had lived on the island most of their life thought it a folly. They turned out to be right. People don’t come to Salt Spring to live in a condo on a mountain with a view of a pulp mill. They come here to live as close to the sea as they can. The development ran into money troubles early which were compounded by the 2008 crash. It’s now bankrupt and offered for sale with the incentive of being useful as a “significant non-capital tax loss”. More pictures below.


Urban logging

Wayne Langley logger2

March 22nd, 2014 — Wayne Langley removes a tree that was threatening the roof of a garage on a Salt Spring Island property. Wayne removed the limbs as he climbed to the top and then cut the trunk into one foot long sections as he descended. These were split so they could be used for firewood. The tree was 38 years old by the ring count.

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