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April 1985 CMA motocross at Mission
April 1985 — The sand whoops at the old Mission track were nasty and this rider knows this crash is going to hurt especially since the guy beside him is already lining him up for use as a berm. See the picture below. #053, #241
April 1985 CMA motocross at Mission

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Braydon Stewart

Braydon Stewart motocross 2009
May 10th, 2009 — “If I crash my brains out just in front of the photographer will I make the front page of Dirt Bike Photo?” Sorry Braydon, you won’t, but you did make picture of the day. #482

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Dean McDonald

Dean McDonald motocross crash agassiz
March 17th, 1985 — Dean McDonald of Parksville fly’s over the handlebars after a mid air collision while jumping a double. This picture was selected as the 1985 Canadian Press sports picture of the year. #747

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CMA Supercross race at BC Place Stadium
1983 — Looking back at this crash during the first supercross race held at BC Place it’s hard to believe any rider could fall down on what appears to be by today’s standards almost a flat track but Larry Vesco (102) managed to do it. #102, #272

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