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Debbie Brill

Amoco Cairo

May 3rd, 1975 — This must have been one of those busy Saturdays. Get a shot of the supertanker Amoco Cairo leaving Vancouver with 129,748 tons of grain, frame #19, but don’t take too long because I had to hurry off to Swangard Stadium in Burnaby for the Vancouver Relays and get a shot of high jumper Debbie Brill, frame #20. Judging from the number of shots I took at the track meet, only nine, and none of Debbie actually jumping, there was probably another assignment I had to rush off to very quickly. Such was the life of a photographer working for a daily newspaper in the 1970’s; fifteen minutes shooting for every hour driving.

The Amoco Cairo story was a big deal as it was the largest grain cargo ever loaded at the time and the ship had only 5 feet of clearance under its hull as a large crowd watched it pass under the Lions Gate Bridge.

Not getting an action shot of Debbie Brill would normally have been a disaster but the cold day had her wrapped in a blanket trying to stay warm between jumps and that was different enough to make the paper although I think it was the shot below that ran not the one above that’s notched for printing.

Debbie Brill 1975

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