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Lions Gate Bridge Signal Station

Lions Gate Bridge Signal Station 1 July 10th, 1973 — It’s hard to believe but back in 1973 there were still a lot of boats entering Vancouver Harbour that didn’t have radar and many that didn’t have ship to ship radio. There was a signal station in the center of the Lions Gate Bridge spanning the road and a person there directed traffic through the narrows. If the boat didn’t have a radio and was in a position it shouldn’t have been there was a loud speaker to direct them. This I know from personal experience. Binoculars were used to read the name of ships and some times a spyglass for smaller boats. I’m not sure why these pictures were taken but it might have been because the signal station was closing down. If anyone knows the name of the person in the pictures send me an email.

Lions Gate Bridge Signal Station 3

Lions Gate Bridge Signal Station 2

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