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Bill Bennett and Ginger Rogers

Bill Bennett and Ginger Rogers 2 Circa June 1978 — I’ve always liked these pictures of Bill Bennett playing a celebrity tennis match with Ginger Rogers and Vancouver mayor Jack Volrich despite them never running in the paper. They showed a side of him that didn’t come out on television. Last week when he died I went onto the Province’s website to see if they used them with the obit but they didn’t; just a couple of boring mugshots. If Bill hadn’t made it over the net in his game winning celebration it would have been picture of the year for sure but alas he did and the picture wasn’t. It’s interesting to note how different politicians of that era behaved around the press even those as media unfriendly as Bennett. It was easy to get close, all wide angles, and no cordon of burly men in dark suits with earbuds blocking the best shots. For the younger viewers of this blog I should say that Bill Bennett was once the premier of BC and Ginger Rogers was a movie star.

Bill Bennett and Ginger Rogers 1

Bill Bennett and Ginger Rogers 3

Bill Bennett and Ginger Rogers 4

Bill Bennett and Ginger Rogers 5

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