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Telephone pole

June 7th, 2018 — Many years ago when newspapers were real newspapers they did a lot of crazy things with pictures. One I remember was in honour of pancake day. Yes there really is such a thing as pancake day. It has something to do with Lent. Anyway this particular picture was of a stack of pancakes. It started in the top left hand corner of the Vancouver Sun’s front page, two columns wide, and went all the way down to the bottom of the page where there were the words “continued on page two”. Flipping over to page two the picture continued from the top left hand corner all the way down to the bottom of page where there was a person next to the stack with a knife and fork and a hungry look on his face. It think the picture was taken by Ken Oakes. One of deficiencies of internet blogs is that they favour horizontals. Verticals seldom work. The pancake picture would never work. However this telephone pole in the laneway of 26th and Collingwood once covered in vines deserved something special so that’s why it is what it is.

Updated: June 7, 2018 — 8:22 pm
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