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CanAm race crash Edmonton 1968
September 29th, 1968 — As crash pictures go this isn’t much of a shot but it was the only excitement in a dull CanAm race and became an important picture in my career because the photographer for the Edmonton Journal standing next to me was changing film when it happened. I was a couple of weeks into the photography course at NAIT in Edmonton and had never been published in a daily newspaper but realized there might be a chance to make a little money so immediately after the race I processed the film in the bathroom of my basement apartment just to see what I had. The neg was sharp enough so I phoned the Edmonton Journal and after some fast talking convinced the photo editor to make a print for me. The picture ran on front page which later helped me get a position working in the darkroom and then as a photographer at the newspaper. Interesting fact is that I never became friends with the photographer who missed the shot. The driver who crashed was Jeff Stevens from California who was not hurt.

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