Pit stop

Bud Moore pit stop Tran Am race Edmonton
June 20th, 1971 — At one time a photographer’s pass at a car race allowed us to go anywhere we wanted, no restrictions. It was assumed we knew what we were doing and if we wanted to stand in the pit lane to get a picture with the crowd behind, no one cared. How dangerous could it be? If you look closely at the background there are workers cleaning up debris from a fire and near explosion caused by another car at an earlier pit stop. I was photographing at another part of the track when it happened and missed the shot but that’s the luck of news photography. See previous picture. The driver in the car was I think Parnelli Jones during a Trans Am race at Edmonton Speedway. The man on the pit wall wearing the hat is Bud Moore, the owner of the team.

Updated: December 17, 2016 — 11:05 pm