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Chung Chuck

Chung Chuck framing in Ladner
1977 in Ladner — Chung Chuck runs a tractor through his potato field in Ladner, a small community just south of Vancouver. In 1927 the B.C. government introduced laws to regulate the marketing of vegetables and used these laws to discriminate against Chinese farmers in Ladner. Chung appealed to the Supreme Court and won, the laws being ruled invalid. White farmers then began protesting about unfair competition and blocked the bridges into Vancouver so the produce of Chinese farmers couldn’t be sold in the city. Chung attempted to cross the picket line and was charged with assault but acquitted. In 1977 a few weeks after this picture was taken, Chung, armed with a loaded rifle, held water inspectors at bay until a negotiator and police intervened. Chung was charged but acquitted when he claimed in court the rifle to be a replica made of wood and that he was just a kind Chinese gentleman being bullied by the city. Chung claimed to have been in court 800 times.

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