Miscellaneous Photographs

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Ships and boats

Viking ship under construction

December 9th, 2000 — A forty foot half size replica of the Viking ship Gokstad being built as part of the millennium celebrations by a group of volunteers from the Scandinavian Community Centre in Burnaby. Holding an oar made for the boat is Ciaran Adams. The completed boat can be seen next to Vancouver’s maritime museum ferry dock.
Banging in nails and riveting above are Lars Eriksson, Chris Jorgensen, Glen Johnson.

Above is head shipright Chris Frostad.

CPR pier B

January 8th, 1975 — In the 1970’s new cars and trucks imported from Japan arrived in the hold of freighters and were lifted onto the dock one at a time using a crane. Today they arrive in specially build ships owned by the car companies and are driven off much like they would from a BC ferry. These pictures of Datsun pickup trucks being unloaded from the freighter Corina were taken at CPR’s Pier B in Vancouver, since replaced by the Canada Place cruise ship terminal.

Salish Eagle

Salish Eagle July 31st, 2017 — An out of order elevator on the new BC Ferry, Salish Eagle. I kind of assumed this was just one of those typical glitches that new ships have when first put into service. There is now a reliable report, however, from a one time main stream journalist that on August 1st this ship hadn’t one single functioning elevator and that seniors with week knees were unable to climb the steep stairs to the lounge and had to stay on the car deck. Another ferry fiasco on the horizon?

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