UBC Clearcuts

In 1911 the government of Britsh Columbia set aside 175 acres of land on the west side of Vancouver as a site for a university. Most of the land was considered an endowment, to be sold for housing and the money used to fund the university. Classes started in 1925 but for economic reasons the area was never developed and it became an unofficial park called the University Endowment Lands, a forest buffer between the University of British Columbia and the suburbs of Vancouver to the east.
In 1988 the eastern side of the park was renamed Pacific Spirit Park and declared a protected area after nearby residents and environmentalists protested plans by the university to develop the area for housing.
In 2006 the University of British Columbia started clearing the land not part of Pacific Spirit Park so they could build condominiums to be sold on the open market. The pictures below show part of the clearing process.

Updated: September 13, 2020 — 8:27 pm