Boxing, the forgotten sport

Junior boxing championships Boxing used to be big. Fights were on prime time TV and all the top boxers were known and worth a story not just the heavyweights. Newspapers covered local fights and wrote about the up and coming boxers, amateurs, pro’s, even the kids got a reporter and photographer out to their tournaments. Then it died, even the “so you wanna fight” events couldn’t revive it. I covered a lot of boxing over the years beginning in 1972 with Mohammad Ali and ending with Gordy Racette in 1981. In between there were a lot of names that eventually won medals and championships such as Dale Walters above losing a fight something I thought he never did and “Ferocious” Fran Mallais from Moncton as an 85 pounder in the Canadian Championships. It’s not fashionable or maybe even politically correct to like boxing now but I always did. I especially liked the boxers, at least most of them, as I liked the old time rodeo riders. They competed in sports where once the game began there was nowhere to no hide. It was one hundred percent or oblivion.

Updated: November 16, 2020 — 4:38 pm