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Sidney Claridge

Sidney Claridge CPR March 15th, 1974 — Sidney Claridge after his last run as engineer on the CP Rail passenger train, The Canadian. Newspapers once published a lot of ordinary pictures like this although Sidney Claridge wasn’t just anybody, he was the father of Pat Claridge, a local football hero with the BC Lions. The picture was taken near the round house in False Creek now the site of multi story condominiums.

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Roy “Rocky” Cavallin

Roy Cavallin  and Don Moorehead

Roy Cavallin  and Don Moorehead October 19th, 1974 — For a number of years I’ve been trying to find an excuse to put these pictures of my Uncle Roy in the blog. Roy was the trainer for the BC Lions and it’s a rare combination of pictures in that I covered the game where Don Moorehead was injured and then a few weeks later I photographed my uncle taping Don’s knee. It was unusual to get a shot of a player’s injury as the team liked to hide these things so it wouldn’t be a target in the next game. As for the excuse to run these pictures it came about while cleaning out some files and finding a column from the Vancouver Sun by Jack DE Long about Roy retiring from playing lacrosse. Both he and his brother John played professionally forever and are in the hall of fame. DE Longs’s column about Roy began like this…

When I read about Satchell Paige saving a game for the St Louis Browns yesterday I immediately started thinking about Roy Cavallin, the indestructible Vancouver lacrosse player. Paige says he’s 44 but people who should know say he’s 53. Cavallin says he’s 37 but an old geezer on Cambie Street swears he saw Roy at the Coronation of King Edward VII in 1911. The old guy says it must have been Roy because the bald spot was in exactly the same place.Well I started thinking about Roy Cavallin. I thought I better call him up and see if he was ready to announce his retirement from lacrosse for the 16th consecutive season.

“Oh, I’m going to quit this time all right,” said Roy.

“Then you won’t be turning out to practice?” I said.

“No I haven’t turned out to a single practice ,” he says.

“I really ought to quit. I don’t feel that I’m good enough to compete with the youngsters”

“Then you actually must be quitting, Roy,” we observed.

“It must seem funny not throwing that ball around after all those years,” we added, just by way of making conversation.

“Well,” says Roy, “I’ve been staying away from spring practice for the past three seasons.”

“You mean then that you might not quit after all?”

“Oh no, not exactly. I really should quit. I feel I owe it to myself to quit.”

“I’m serious about this time.”

“You weren’t serious about those other years?”

“Oh yes. I was serious then too. Yes, I guess you could say that I’m as serious about quitting the game as I ever was.”

That’s where the conversation ended because it wasn’t making much sense by that time.

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Bill Baker sacks an Argonaut

Bill Baker BC Lions Football

September 12th, 1975 — Toronto Argonaut quarterback Mike Rae about to get sacked by two BC Lions, Bill Baker (76) and Elton Brown (prone). This negative plus a couple of others were discovered in my archives just in time for Grey Cup weekend which is coming up in a few days.

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