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Bicycle racing

First and second

 Escape Velocity spring road race series March 19th, 2011 — Emil Marcetta of the Glotman Simpson Cycling Team gives a quick look back towards John Livingstone of the Escape Velocity Cycling Team as they both sprint the last few meters up the 272 Street hill to the finish. Marcetta finished first in the “B” class, Livingstone was second in this fourth race of Escape Velocty’s spring road racing series held south of Aldergrove.
Below, Andrew Pinfold signals the finish line crew to display the number of laps remaining for the Cat 1 riders as they crest the 272nd Street hill. Pinfold finished second in the race to Sebastian Salas of Team H&R Block.

Andrew Pinfold of the United Healthcare Cycing Team

Cody Campbell

Cody Campbell 2010
April 4th, 2010 — Cody Campbell made an early break along with Dave Vukets in the last event of the Escape Velocity spring series of races. Campbell eventually dropped Vukets and attacked the 84th Avenue hill alone three laps from the end. On the next lap he too was passed to finish 8th.

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