Miscellaneous Photographs

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Downtown Eastside


821 Jackson Avenue April 21st, 2016 — Three houses photographed during a walk in the Strathcona area of Vancouver, a neighbourhood yet to be discovered by developers so still full of gardens and houses with character. Speculators maybe find it a bit too close to the railway tracks and the downtown eastside. One hopes it stays that way.
700 block of Hawks Avenue.
621 Union Street.


single occupancy room 1974
July 1974 — This woman was living in what is called in Vancouver a “single occupancy room”. It’s one room containing a sink, a hot plate and a bed, the bathroom was down the hall. With three people in the room it was crowded. One floor below was a pub. I’ve lost the notes to go with this story but I remember the reporter being appalled a single woman her age had to live in these conditions and I remember the woman being grateful she finally had something this good. The photograph was taken to go with a story about the Downtown Eastside Residents Association renovating these rooms to make them more suitable for seniors. Housing the poor has always been a problem in Vancouver and is still the subject of newspaper stories.

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