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Two sides of Vancouver

House demolished in Vancouver February 15th, 2016 -- Today, just after starting on what I like to call my errands, I came across the above, a perfectly good home on West King Edward being demolished so a much larger house can be built for its new owner. Half an hour later while walking from my car to my first appointment I came across another person's home in an alley west of Columbia Street. Soon it too will be demolished but for entirely different reasons. Homeless camp in Vancouver

Homeless in Vancouver

Homeless in Vancouver September 30th, 2014 -- There is an occupation of Oppenheimer Park in Vancouver by homeless people who are protesting of the lack of progress solving the housing crisis in Vancouver. A few blocks away in the park west of the overpass at Main Street and Alexander there is the tent of a homeless person who is not part of the protest. Almost every time I walk or drive by this park, summer, winter, fall, or spring, there is a structure of some kind against the fence and a person living in it. It's very visible so I imagine it doesn't take long for someone to complain and for the city to come by and remove it, temporarily. It's been like this for years.
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