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BC oldtimers

July 6th, 1986 — Another picture found while searching for pictures to go in a book about oldtimer motocross. Riders, mostly from BC, after the BCOT Nationals at Mission Raceway. Left to right. Preben Hesel, unknown, Ed Dyck, Victor Gioia, Paul Budai jr, unknown, Peter Sigfredson, Art Franklin, Don Irwin, Dan McCarthy, Bill Fogg, Paul Budai, Wayne Grimm, Billy Egeland, Cliff Cram, Ed Parsons, Wayne Schuler, Brooks Gowanlock with the team trophy on his head, Dick Langlois, Joe Godsall, Roy Hough, Tony Dyrsmid.

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Muddy Mission Motocross

Circa 1990 — A very muddy CMA motocross race at Mission Raceway shot with very grainy colour film which seems to make the mud look even worse than it actually was. Another picture discovered while searching for pictures to include in my book about motocross. #020

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Agassiz on a muddy day

Motocross in the mud Agassiz May 2nd, 2010 — While looking though my thousands of motocross pictures for a possible book project I came across this gem of a young rider at Agassiz who has had enough mud, rain, crashes, and stalled bikes and is waiting patiently at the side of the track for it all to end. It’s one of those pictures that might not make a lot of sense unless you were at the track that day but it was one of those days. More pictures like this will be posted over the next few weeks as they are discovered.

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If it works do it.

Motocross bike on car Circa 1990 — One of the things I liked about motocross riders is that they do what they have to do to race. No pickup truck or trailer to carry the bike to the track then strap it to the top of dad’s old station wagon. So what if the roof gets dented it’s just a car, an appliance for getting somewhere. An unknown rider at Duncan motocross track.
Motocross bike on car

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Where’s my bike?

April 1985 CMA motocross at Mission
April 1985 — When a rider was crawling around on his hands and knees looking for his bike after a crash you know the landing had been hard. Luckily in the days before insurance companies became very nervous there were lots of spectators and riders lining the track to help. #053, #084

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April 1985 CMA motocross at Mission
April 1985 — As I said in a previous post, the sand whoops at the old Mission track were nasty, and berms when you found them, were soft and in the wrong place, so fallen riders had to be taken advantage of whenever possible. #053, #241, #230

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April 1985 CMA motocross at Mission
April 1985 — The sand whoops at the old Mission track were nasty and this rider knows this crash is going to hurt especially since the guy beside him is already lining him up for use as a berm. See the picture below. #053, #241
April 1985 CMA motocross at Mission

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Pro Flo gloves

April 1985 CMA motocross at Mission
April 1985 — Ross Pederson at Mission the morning after a supercross race at BC Place Stadium. How many of today’s pro riders would attend local race the day after a big race. None that I can think of but during 1980’s most of them would. The real significance of this picture is, however, that Ross is wearing the legendary R&M Pro Flo gloves and if he was riding today he’d still be wearing them as they never wore out. I still have three or four pairs in my gear bag and use them regularly for mountain biking as well.

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