Miscellaneous Photographs

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Vanier Park

Vanier park Cyclocross

dominik-szopa-cyclocross October 2nd, 2016 — October 2nd, 2016 — Dominik Szopa tries hard to catch the marshmallow thrown at him by the hecklers on the hill but misses by by a mile. More pictures from the Vanier Park Cyclocross Classic presented by West Coast Cycling and Trek Red Truck Racing Team HERE or by clicking on the above picture.

Vanier Park Cyclocross

Leif Rogers cyclocross 01 October 4th, 2015 — It’s unusual for riders to jump barriers in a cyclocross race and very unusual to jump them on the uphill part of the course but it has to be uniquely usual if the rider doing it is not much taller than his handlebars which was the occasion today at the West Coast Racing Trek Red Truck race at Vanier Park when Devo team rider Leif Rogers did the trick lap after lap. More pictures below.

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