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$600,000 house

December 17th, 2018 — This property on Fannin Avenue in Vancouver is assessed at 18 million dollars. Included in that is the structure, above, which is separately assessed at $605,000. The house has been derelict and empty for at least five years. It’s fire damaged and much of the roof is gone so the interior has been open to the elements for a long time. Who would have thought firewood has this much value.

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Circa November 1978 — Eight of the original homes in the 1000 block of Pacific Street were being raised above their foundations so they could be restored, renovated, and rented out. While up on the blocks one of the houses collapsed.

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Almost new

Vanishing Vancouver August 31st, 2017 — An almost new house in the 500 block of West King Edward Avenue is demolished along with two other houses to make way for a condominium.

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June 3rd, 2017 — An old house in the 3500 block of West 27th Avenue was demolished today and will be replaced with a four million dollar plus home.

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Such a waste

April 30th, 2017 — This house at 362 West King Edward Avenue is about to be demolished along with five other houses in the block and replaced with a condominium. It’s a perfectly good house built in the last 15 years and assessed, if neighbouring houses are any indication, for over $4 million dollars. Below is what the house looked like in Google Street View in 2016.
A few houses to the east is 312 West King Edward Avenue. Below is what it looked like as of 2016 …
… and this is what it looks like today.

The entire block, courtesy of Google, looked like this in 2016.

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Trees cut

April 14th, 2017 — Two large trees on city property next to a construction site at 34th Avenue and Carnarvon Street in Vancouver’s westside were cut down just before the Easter weekend. There’s no outside indication the trees were dead or diseased. According to city hall, however, the trees had become unstable and dangerous because of extreme root damage which occured during construction of the house in the background. The fine to the builder could be tens of thousands of dollars per tree but in a new five million dollar home that’s peanuts.

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Vancouver vanishes some more

Debris from demolished houses July 12th, 2016 — The last time I drove by this pile of debris made up from houses demolished in Vancouver was just over a month ago and it wasn’t much higher than the truck in the foreground. It was the first time in a year the pile had shrunk from it’s normal size. Today when I drove by the pile was back with a vengeance, at least a third higher than I’d ever seen it before, so at least two thirds of it must be from houses torn down in the last month. The pile is located on a private recycling site on West Kent Avenue South in Vancouver.

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More trees gone

Removing trees in Vancouver 1 April 14th, 2016 — It always amazes me that the city complains about the lack of tree cover in Vancouver — blaming it on uncaring homeowners — and here we have city crews taking out five trees on Burrard street at 5th Avenue for who knows what reason; another bike lane? If I need a pile of permits to remove a long dead apple tree from my back yard then it’s only fair the city should need its citizens approval to chop down trees in public spaces.
Removing trees in Vancouver 2
Removing trees in Vancouver 3

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