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Vanishing Vancouver

Vancouver vanishes some more

Debris from demolished houses July 12th, 2016 -- The last time I drove by this pile of debris made up from houses demolished in Vancouver was just over a month ago and it wasn't much higher than the truck in the foreground. It was the first time in a year the pile had shrunk from it's normal size. Today when I drove by the pile was back with a vengeance, at least a third higher than I'd ever seen it before, so at least two thirds of it must be from houses torn down in the last month. The pile is located on a private recycling site on West Kent Avenue South in Vancouver.

More trees gone

Removing trees in Vancouver 1 April 14th, 2016 -- It always amazes me that the city complains about the lack of tree cover in Vancouver -- blaming it on uncaring homeowners -- and here we have city crews taking out five trees on Burrard street at 5th Avenue for who knows what reason; another bike lane? If I need a pile of permits to remove a long dead apple tree from my back yard then it's only fair the city should need its citizens approval to chop down trees in public spaces. Removing trees in Vancouver 2 Removing trees in Vancouver 3
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