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Aldor Acres Cyclocross

Fort Langley Cyclocross 2014 August 31st, 2014 — Mighty’s Fort Langley Classic, first race of the Lower Mainland Cyclocross Series held at Aldor Acres by Mighty Riders and the VanCX Coalition, had the usual tight sections and steep single track hills but this little turn near the end of the woods caused numerous crashes and one very spectacular pass, above, by a rider (left) who passed anywhere and often throughout the intermediate race. More pictures below.

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Cyclocross championships

2013 Cyclo-Cross Canadian Championships held in South Surrey, BC.

Nov 30th, 2013 — The 2013 Canadian Cyclocross Championships were held this past rainy, cold, and dark weekend on a course next to Softball City in South Surrey. A rider warming up before his event carries an umbrella attempting to at least be dry on the starting line even if he knows it won’t last more than a few pedal strokes into the race.

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Mahon Park Cyclocross

October 20th, 2013 — Tobin Copley runs the course after flatting his rear tire during the Vancouver Super Prestige cyclocross race at Mahon Park in North Vancouver. More pictures below.

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Out of focus


November 17th, 2012 — It’s not exactly out of focus it’s just there’s a limited amount that’s in focus. It is most assuredly badly cropped but to be completely honest I pushed the shutter too late and missed the shot so it’s not really cropped at all. However, for some reason I kind of like it. From the Canadian cyclocross championships at South Surrey Athletic Park.

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Canadian CX Championships

November 17th, 2012 — Bob Welbourne wins the master 40-49 Canadian cyclocross championship passing Marc Boudreau on the last lap. More pictures below.

Bob Welbourne

Mical Dyck (below) is the elite womens 2012 Canadian cyclocross champion.

Mical Dyck

By the second lap Geoff Kabush (#2) was past all the other riders in the elite mens class and went on to a convincing win to be the 2012 Canadian cyclocross champion. Andrew Watson (#8) finished 7th.

Geoff Kabush

Kevin Noiles (below) passes a sprawling Mike Garrigan on a slippery off camber section of the 2012 Canadian cyclocross championship course in Surrey.

Kevin Noiles

This off camber section of the course became very slippery once the rains started and was unrideable except for a select few.


Adam de Vos below.

Adam de Vos

Mark McConnell below.

Mark McConnell

Peter Moog (below) finished 4th in the 30-39 Canadian cyclocross master class championships.

Peter Moog

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GP of Cross, Lions Park

Ashley Stotts

October 7th, 2012 — Ashley Stotts of Mighty Riders gets some air on his single speed during the Escape Velocity GP of Cross held at Port Coquitlam’s Lions Park. More air pictures below and more to come.





Meshkat Javid (Below)
Meshkat Javid


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