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May 21, 2021 — The coast guard hovercraft helping a jet ski stalled in the water off Spanish Banks.

Beachcombing in English Bay

This picture was posted as a single a number of years ago and is re-posted today so it will link to the rest of the pictures I shot that day which are HERE. April 2nd, 1975 — A group of beachcombers remove a log from English Bay Beach. The log, one of hundreds, separated from a boom during a storm the previous night. What’s interesting about this picture is that the beachcombers, normally an independent and cut throat lot, are co-operating with each other. Possibly it was the number of logs that came ashore that morning and they felt there was plenty to share. The boat Gale Winds was and is still owned by Bob Lamont. He can be seen on the deck of the boat with his wife Ruth.


Ship aground under Lions Gate Bridge
August 12th, 1989 — Before radar it was common for ships to run aground while coming into Vancouver Harbour. Normally they hit the sand bars at the mouth of the Capilano River just west of the Lions Gate Bridge during a fog at night. How this ship came to grief on a sunny afternoon must have been difficult for the pilot to explain.