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Gastown Grand Prix

July 10th, 2019 — Mitchell Ketler demonstrates wet cobblestone technique to fellow Devinci team member Thierry Marcassa during the warm up to the 2019 Gastown Grand Prix bicycle race won by Regan Gough.
Winner of the women’s race, Kendall Ryan, above and below in the yellow helmet, at the hairpin towards the end of the race.

Third place finisher Maggie Coles-Lyster above.
Marcal Franz leads winner of the 2019 Gastown Grand Prix Regan Gough out of Gassy Jack corner on the last lap for the sprint up Water Street to the finish. Castillo Soto, third in the picture, finished fourth.

Kendall Ryan wins

July 12th, 2017 — From this expression on Kendall Ryan’s face in the early part of the 2017 Global Relay Gastown Grand Prix you wouldn’t think she was on her way to winning the race but she did. More pictures from the women’s race HERE or by clicking on the picture.

Gastown Grand Prix 2017

Gastown Grand Prix July 12th, 2017 — It was six abreast into turn one on the first lap of this years men’s Global Relay Gastown Grand Prix bicycle race with Shane Kline of Rally Cycling on the inside appearing to be acquiring a little elbow room from Garneau Quebecor rider Jean-Francois Soucy. More pictures from the men’s race HERE or by clicking on the picture..

Tina Pic wins Gastown Grand Prix

Tina Pic Gastown Grand Prix July 13, 2016 — Tina Pic, second in white, sits on the wheel of Kimberly Wells entering Gassy Jack Square on the last lap of the 2016 pro womens Gastown Grand Prix. Pic, the oldest woman in the race at age 50, passed Wells to take the win. Wells finished second. More pictures from the Gastown Grand Prix HERE.

Gastown Grand Prix

Gastown Grand Prix July 13th, 2016 — The last few laps of the 2016 Gastown Grand Prix had riders navigating along Water Street in a blur of darkness. Eric Young, riding for Rally Cycling, beat out his team mate Brad Huff in a tight sprint to the finish. Pictures of them and more from the race HERE.

Gastown Grand Prix

Ethan Pauly Gastown Grand Prix winner July 15th, 2015 — Ethan Pauly from Victoria’s Tripleshot Cycling won the youth race at the 2015 Global Relay Gastown Grand Prix. More pictures below including the men’s winner Ryan Roth of Silber Pro Cycling and of Trek Red Truck’s Denise Ramsden, winner by a lap of the women’s race.

Gastown Grand Prix 1977

1977 Gastown Grand Prix August 2, 1977 — A pedestrian walks across Water Street right through the middle of the peloton during the 1977 Gastown Grand Prix bicycle race. Those were the days. This Wednesday the 2014 edition of the Global Relay Gastown Grand Prix starts at 6:15 for the women and 7:30 for the men, in Gastown.