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Ride the ridge

ride the ridge bicycle race May 1st, 2016 — Every bicycle race has its ringers especially in the Cat 3 and Masters class. Fortunately at this year’s Ride the Ridge criterium hosted by Local Riders in Maple Ridge the ringer was easy to spot. More pictures in the galleries section on the right or by clicking on the above picture.

Ride the Ridge 2014

jacob schwingboth cyclist

April 26th, 2014 — Jacob Schwingboth takes off his jacket on the climb up 256th Street two laps from the finish of this years Ride the Ridge road race. By this time Jacob was well into his break and had an insurmountable lead. More pictures below.

Ride the ridge 2014 f

Ride the ridge 2014 d

Ride the ridge 2014 a

Ride the ridge 2014 b
Louisa Scarlett riding for Musette Caffe won the Cat 3/4 women’s race with a final sprint in the rain.