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Wix Brown Road Race

Escape velocity spring series March 6th, 2016 — More pictures from the Escape Velocity Spring Series of road races, this time on the Wix Brown circuit in Langley, can be found in the Galleries section on the right.

Escape Velocity spring series

Escape Velocity spring series road race March 1st 2015 — Bicycle racing on open roads has its moments of humour. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen the driver of a pickup pulling a horse trailer think he would be faster up a hill than Cat 1 riders. The truck was dropped very quickly at the next intersection. More pictures from the race in the gallery below.

Escape Velocity Spring Series

Escape Velocity bicycle race Langley-02

March 16th, 2014 — The fourth race of the Escape Velocity Spring Series was held in Langley today on the Murchie Road course. It was wet and cold and the spray hanging in the air looked much like sleet.