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Vic Foisy, truck driver

Vic Foisy truck driver 1974 011

January 1974 — It was a time when the myth of the truck driver was being born so Nicole Strickland and I followed Vic Foisy on his regular run from Sardis to northern BC, this time to Prince George, with a load a canned goods. Even with picking up apples in Osoyoos on the return trip it was supposed to take just over a day but the truck overheated on the way back and there was a 16 hour delay waiting for parts and repairs. As usual with Province assignments the planning was poor. Nicole and I left with less than $10 between us for expenses and no extra clothing but we survived, if somewhat smelly, to return home 4 days later. The story ran January 26th, 1974. Click on the thumbnails below to view the pictures.