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Main and Hastings

Main Street at Hastings in Vancouver November 20th, 2016 — Main and Hastings Street about 5pm. It all seems so quiet but this picture doesn’t tell the story very well. Those two ambulance in front of the Carnegie Centre are accompanied by another two in front of the Balmoral Hotel a half block away. All arrived within 15 minutes of each other, sirens screaming, along with two fire trucks. Six emergency vehicles within the space of 15 minutes, to one location, overdose’s probably, fentanyl probably.

Suspicious looking cat

Cat and dog shootout

April 1977 — It was a police stakeout somewhere on the west side of Vancouver. Guns were drawn and the police dog was ready to run in and take down the suspect. Except he wasn’t. He’s more interested in that cat crossing the street unseen behind the police cars. The dog knows the cat did something; probably just killed a bird and that’s a crime. It would be an easy collar except the dog already has a collar, around his neck, and his handler isn’t letting go of it. It was one of those weird moments that sometimes happen during a very serious situation in real life.

Almost all gone

Locked bicycle wheel

February 15th, 2014 — There could be a number of explanations to this picture but the most obvious is that a bicycle was locked to the bike stand through the spokes of the front wheel and a thief came along, noticed the inadequacy of the attempt to secure the bike, removed the front wheel from the fork, left it behind, and walked away with the rest after taking a few minutes to also remove the tire and the tube. It’s not uncommon in Vancouver to see cyclists place a lock around the frame of their bike and then because the bike rack is so crowded with other bikes not realize they haven’t wrapped their lock through the rack.

Drug bust

Hashish smugglers Vancouver

July 6th, 1973 — The woman is one of thirteen people charged with smuggling a million dollars of hashish into Canada and was photographed as she stepped from an airplane at the Vancouver Airport before being escorted into a paddy wagon. It’s not much of a picture except that if this happened today would there be the same courtesy offered a drug suspect and would the RCMP officers be there without full body armour and automatic weapons at the ready? I don’t think so. So much has changed in the last 40 years.

Dale Nelson

Dale Nelson murderer capture

September 6th, 1970 — On September 4th, while high on LSD and alcohol, Dale Merle Nelson killed 8 people just outside of Creston, BC. He was captured by police at this cabin two days later. At the time of the murder I was a photographer with the Edmonton Journal and vacationing near by. How I got to be one of two photographers at the capture is a story of skill and intuition. How the other photographer got to be there was pure blind luck on his part after getting lost on a back road nearby. Both of us dug in behind logs as the police approached the cabin. Everyone expected a gun fight. When it didn’t happen both of us ran up the hill taking pictures as we ran. This is the only picture by either of us that was in focus or not blurred. I didn’t share it with the other photogapher.

Leonard Peltier

Leonard Peltier at Oakalla Prison
1977 — Leonard Peltier was a suspect in the killing of two FBI agents in Pine Ridge, North Dakota and fled to Hinton, Alberta, where he was apprehended by the RCMP on February 6, 1976. Peltier fought his extradition to the United States but lost. In this picture he is being led from Oakalla Prison in Burnaby to a helicopter which took him to Vancouver International Airport and a flight to the United States. Peltier was convicted of the killings but there is much doubt to the fairness of his trial.

Joe Philliponi

Joe Philliponi 1977
December 1977 — Joe Philliponi in his office at the Penthouse Cabarat on Seymour Street. The cabarat opened in the 1940’s as an after-hours “bottle club” where people drank illegally. By the 1970’s it was infamous as one of Vancouver’s premier strip clubs. Philliponi was shot and killed in this office in 1983.

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