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No wheels

November 7th, 2022 — Riding your bike to classes at UBC is a good idea except when someone steals your wheels, and you have to carry it home.

Dale Nelson

Dale Nelson murderer capture

September 6th, 1970 — On September 4th, while high on LSD and alcohol, Dale Merle Nelson killed 8 people just outside of Creston, BC. He was captured by police at this cabin two days later. At the time of the murder I was a photographer with the Edmonton Journal and vacationing near by. How I got to be one of two photographers at the capture is a story of skill and intuition. How the other photographer got to be there was pure blind luck on his part after getting lost on a back road nearby. Both of us dug in behind logs as the police approached the cabin. Everyone expected a gun fight. When it didn’t happen both of us ran up the hill taking pictures as we ran. This is the only picture by either of us that was in focus or not blurred. I didn’t share it with the other photogapher.