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Arthur Delamont

Arthur Delamont

April 1976 — If anyone ever doubted my abilities as a photographer there was an instant rebuttal which I held in reserve. It was that once, during a band practice, I photographed Arthur Delamont smiling. There are probably not many people alive now who remember Delamont, leader of the Kitsilano Boys Band, winners of the world band competition in 1933 as well as more than 200 other awards and serving as a Vancouver ambassador on 15 European tours. Delamont had a legend as a tough band master, shouting, waving, grimacing, until it was right. One of my uncles played in his band and said that Delamont was not adverse to hitting the producer of a wrong or late note with his cornet. These pictures of the Alumni Band practicing in the basement of a church at 67th and Hudson appeared in the Vancouver Province April 27th, 1976 shortly after Delamont had received a civic award from the city of Vancouver. The smile picture is the last one in the series.

Teen Angel


June 16th, 1973 — Teen Angel and the Rockin’ Rebels sign autographs at Kelly’s Stereo Mart on Seymour Street. The Vancouver band recorded on the now defunct “Hellroaring” label at what became Mushroom Studios in Vancouver.

Peter Pan Ballroom


April 21st, 1973 — This is the house band at the Peter Pan Ballroom on West Broadway which was one of the last ballrooms in Vancouver to offer dancing on Saturday nights for those who liked to waltz, fox trot, or rumba. Most of the people there were in their 60′s or older. At 10:30pm the dancing stopped for tea, coffee, cake and quartered sandwiches and a little over 15 minutes later the chairs and crockery were removed so the dancing could resume. The band is the Bob Burton Quartet with Bob Tipple on guitar, George Watson playing saxophone, and Bob Burton playing the accordion. The above picture was originally posted back in 2008 but in the last few weeks I found the rest of the negatives from the assignment which are below.

Violin player

May 6th, 1975 — David Fiddes plays solo violin at a Night of Music with the Queen Elizabeth Elementary Choir. The smirks from his fellow students were caused by a few wrong notes. After this picture was published his mother phoned to tell me the piece he played was long and difficult and it was a triumph just to get through it.

Jack Benny

Jack Benny playing violin
April 1972 — Jack Benny warming up backstage before performing in a benefit for the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra in Edmonton. Benny played very badly and had the orchestra and audience in stitches for over an hour.

Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa in Vancouver1970’s — Frank Zappa performing in Vancouver during a time when newspaper photographers were invited on stage to photograph and told to stay as long as they wished. Eventually rock stars began acting like prima donnas allowing photographs to be taken only during one specific song and often for less than a minute before being herded out of the auditorium.

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