Miscellaneous Photographs

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Wood block street

Wood block street September 5th, 1974 — A street made from wood blocks breaking up in the 100 block of Dunlevy. This quote is from the Scoutmagazine.ca website on January 2016: “Wood blocks were likely chosen as an economical way to originally ‘pave’ city streets since timber was in plentiful supply in and around Vancouver…. The ones that are visible on Dunlevy St. are over 100 years old and likely were installed at some point between 1891 and 1914.” Another thing to notice in this picture is in the bottom right hand corner, my foot, one of hazards of taking pictures with a fisheye lens.

New and old Mini Coopers

Mini Cooper August 20th, 2017 — There was an old joke about how many clowns you could stuff into a Austin Mini. The new version of that joke would be how many old minis can you stuff into a new mini? Probably two judging by this original Mini Cooper parked next to an new Mini Cooper at the historic motor races at Mission last week.

Jeffe Jollife

Jeffe Jollife June 7th, 1973 — Jeffe Jollife from Queensbury Elementary School in North Vancouver plays a game of snakes and ladders with George Cooke, a patient at Lonsdale Private Hospital, during a visit to the hospital by school students.

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