Miscellaneous Photographs

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Bridge repairs

August 2nd, 1973 — Another picture that shows just how much things have changed since I first started photographing for newspapers. Not only was I allowed to walk out into the center lane of Lions Gate Bridge to take the picture but the workers were out on the road chipping away at the old concrete just inches away from passing trucks, buses, and cars with no barricades to protect them.

Could have been worse

May 12th, 2017 — It’s going to be expensive when your BMW careers off the road onto a sidewalk and into a building after a collision but it could have been far, far, worse if the car had hit that sculpture at the side of Heffel Art Gallery at 7th and Granville.

Washing a Freighter

Circa 1980 — This simple picture of seamen washing the hull of a freighter tied up at a Vancouver dock would be very hard to take now as the docks have been behind barbed wire and armed guards since 9/11. Before that it was easy for a photographer to drive onto the docks and look for pictures. I even remember wandering about the deck of a ship just because the gangplank was down and the crew was friendly.

Vancouver Marathon 2017

May 7th, 2017 — The winner of the women’s BMO Vancouver Marathon, Gladys Jepkechei Tarus, climbing Camosun Street hill about kilometer 10. Meanwhile below, Susan Girard, who finished 1338th out of 1865 in the women’s race was the last person to actually run up Camuson. All those behind her walked at least part way as did many of those who came before her.
and then the masses.

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