Canadian CX Championships

November 17th, 2012 — Bob Welbourne wins the master 40-49 Canadian cyclocross championship passing Marc Boudreau on the last lap. More pictures below.

Bob Welbourne

Mical Dyck (below) is the elite womens 2012 Canadian cyclocross champion.

Mical Dyck

By the second lap Geoff Kabush (#2) was past all the other riders in the elite mens class and went on to a convincing win to be the 2012 Canadian cyclocross champion. Andrew Watson (#8) finished 7th.

Geoff Kabush

Kevin Noiles (below) passes a sprawling Mike Garrigan on a slippery off camber section of the 2012 Canadian cyclocross championship course in Surrey.

Kevin Noiles

This off camber section of the course became very slippery once the rains started and was unrideable except for a select few.


Adam de Vos below.

Adam de Vos

Mark McConnell below.

Mark McConnell

Peter Moog (below) finished 4th in the 30-39 Canadian cyclocross master class championships.

Peter Moog

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