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Wind storm debris

August 11th, 2020 — In December of 2018 there was a severe windstorm on Salt Spring Island. Debris piles like this one next to the golf course are still waiting to be burned or buried.

Veggie gardens

September 16th, 2020 — Vegetable garden by the side of the road in the west side of Vancouver and below vegetable plots downtown, in July, at 8th Avenue and Granville Street.


September 17th, 2020 — Forest fire smoke obscures a sailboat off Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver.

Oil spills 1973

September and October 1973 — There is a lot of controversy about pipelines and oil tankers these days. The threat seems remote to some but we forget that oil spills were once common in Vancouver harbour. In 1973 in less than a month there were two. One caused by carelessness on a ship at dock and the other by a collision of two freighters at night in English Bay. The result was a mess on the beaches of West Vancouver and the shore along Stanley Park.

1973 Oil spill Vancouver i

1973 Oil spill Vancouver d

1973 Oil spill Vancouver c

1973 Oil spill Vancouver b

1973 Oil spill Vancouver a

Oil spill cleanup in Burrard Inlet

1973 Oil spill Vancouver j

1973 Oil spill Vancouver g

1973 Oil spill Vancouver e

1973 Oil spill Vancouver f

Black tide

Oil spill West Vancouver 1973
September 25th, 1973 — In the 1970’s oil spills in Vancouver Harbour were comman. There seemed to be at least two a year and young people would wade out into it with straw and rakes to soak it up. Ambleside Beach in West Vancouver.