public health nurse in vancouver 1973
June 21st, 1973 — This picture is from a Vancouver Sun story about a typical day for a public health nurse in Vancouver. Shortly after the nurse arrived at an elementary school a number of students came down with some sort of allergy which caused their eyes to swell and turn red. Normally on these sorts of stories the day the photographer shows up nothing happens but in this case I was very lucky in getting some real pictures. However, a funny thing happened when I got back to the Sun and started printing in the darkroom. The chief photographer for the day, George Diack, wanted to know how I got the kids to cry. I was shocked he thought I set the pictures up and told him I just photographed what happened. All of a sudden there was great concern on his part about using the pictures, I guess because he thought it would be an invasion of privacy. If I’d kicked the kid in the shins to make him cry or told him his dog just died that would be OK for some reason. As it was the pictures from this part of the story didn’t run.

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