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Beachcombing in English Bay

This picture was posted as a single a number of years ago and is re-posted today so it will link to the rest of the pictures I shot that day which are HERE. April 2nd, 1975 — A group of beachcombers remove a log from English Bay Beach. The log, one of hundreds, separated from a boom during a storm the previous night. What’s interesting about this picture is that the beachcombers, normally an independent and cut throat lot, are co-operating with each other. Possibly it was the number of logs that came ashore that morning and they felt there was plenty to share. The boat Gale Winds was and is still owned by Bob Lamont. He can be seen on the deck of the boat with his wife Ruth.

Bridge repairs

August 2nd, 1973 — Another picture that shows just how much things have changed since I first started photographing for newspapers. Not only was I allowed to walk out into the center lane of Lions Gate Bridge to take the picture but the workers were out on the road chipping away at the old concrete just inches away from passing trucks, buses, and cars with no barricades to protect them.

Province and Sun combine newsrooms

Jack Keating desk
June 2nd, 2016 — Today the last remnants of the Vancouver Province newspaper, 20 or so reporters and editors, move in with the last remnants of the Vancouver Sun to form a combined newsroom. I hope the Sun survives the invasion. It’s not generally known but Sun reporters and deskers have always been kind of meek, or in the least, fearful of authority, especially of their editors, except of course, Kim Bolan. Province reporters and deskers treated editors with a certain amount of contempt and didn’t take the trouble to hide it. Take, for example, the desk of reporter Jack Keating, above. Not only was it a slovenly disgrace to the newsroom it was in full view of management’s offices and probably a fire hazard, but no editor got Jack to clean it up. A small item I know but a symbol. I recall when Michael Cooke arrived from the Edmonton Journal to be editor in chief. Neil Graham the managing editor, who had hoped to get the job himself, told me that management would humour Michael for a few months then give him to Wendy Fitzgibbons to play with. That one didn’t quite work out as planned but it did show that editors at the Province knew we weren’t to be pushed around. For those who don’t know who Wendy Fitzgibbons is I could tell you that she was a shop steward, or that she once got into a nose to nose screaming match on deadline with another desker about the merits of Province style versus CP style, but it wouldn’t really convey the essence of Wendy. She was just, Wendy. But I digress from the point I wanted to make about the above picture in that it is, as I said earlier, a symbol of what the Province newsroom and its people were like, messy, chaotic, and cantankerous, and I hope the Province staffers carry that with them to the Sun.

Rossi Cameron

Rossi Cameron of the Edmonton Journal

Circa 1970 — Edmonton Journal reporter Rossi Cameron working late into the night clipping her editor’s stories from the newspaper and putting them into a file. The editor was retiring the next day and wanted it done before she left. There were months of papers to go through and Rossi who was at the time probably junior in the department got the job. It was an era when many reporters started at 8am and worked until the editor said you could go home. There was no overtime pay. Complain and you were fired. Just talking about a union at the Journal was dangerous to your career.

Tree removal

Cedar tree removed on the west side of Vancouver. May 21st, 2014 — An arborist removes a cedar tree from the back yard of a property on the west side of Vancouver. The city recently passed a law that no trees could be removed without a permit and that if a permit was granted a replacement had to be planted. Two trees will be planted in this case.

Urban logging

Wayne Langley logger2

March 22nd, 2014 — Wayne Langley removes a tree that was threatening the roof of a garage on a Salt Spring Island property. Wayne removed the limbs as he climbed to the top and then cut the trunk into one foot long sections as he descended. These were split so they could be used for firewood. The tree was 38 years old by the ring count.

Sawmill closes

Sawmill closed 002

Circa 1975 — Workers at a saw mill in Vancouver next to the Fraser River attend a meeting where they are being told the mill is closing. I can’t remember if this was the first of the many sawmills that used to line the north side of the river along Kent Avenue to close or if it was the last. The expressions on the faces show they didn’t have much hope of finding work at another mill so it was probably one of the last.

Sawmill closed 001

Sawmill closed 004

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