Giro di Burnaby

Cameron MacKinnon 2011 Giro

July 14th, 2011 — Winner of 2011 Giro di Burnaby, Cameron MacKinnon of Team H&R Block (far right), about to make a run at his team mate, third place finisher Justin Kerr (centre), and second place finisher Bailey McKnight of Trek Red Truck Racing (left) with less than two laps to go in the fading light along Hastings Street.

Julia Garnet 2011 Giro
Julia Garnet of Trek Red Truck Racing leans casually on the top of the bars while leading Jenny Lehmann of Local Riders on their amazing breakaway to win the Giro di Burnaby. Lehmann finished second.

Karlee Gendron of Trek Red Truck Racing sprints head down away from the peloton to third place in the Giro di Burnaby.

On Hastings Street the fast lane for the men seemed to very close to the fence and every lap seemed to be a sprint, prime or not.

Marvin Guzman 2011 Giro
A very battered looking Marvin Guzman of Westwood Cannondale sprints onto Hastings Street to win the first prime of the evening but didn’t finish the race.

The back of the peloton chased in the fading light by the flashing headlights of a Ferrari.

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